After The Treatment, Honey Bees or Tree Bumblebees


 Many people think that bees are protected by law, this is not so, however a responsible pest controller will only harm bees when they are a risk to the health and safety of people, pets or property. There are two common situations where this may happen;

  • The Tree Bumblebee is a new, invasive and aggressive species in the UK. Unlike native bumblebees they will attack to protect their nest;
  • If honey bees move into the structure of a building and begin to make honey, eventually the weight of honey may damage the fabric of your home.

If we have destroyed a bee colony on your property please observe the following rules:

TREE BUMBLEBEES: This bee is extremely hardy and it can take up to 7 days for the first treatment to take full effect. A second treatment of pesticide may be required to completely destroy the colony.

If you continue to see the bees entering and leaving the nest after the first 3 hours, avoid the area, keep children and pets away and refrain from any activity which may vibrate the nest until the activity ceases.

You will see bees circling the outside of the nest for several days. This is perfectly normal, these are male bees (drones) from nearby colonies waiting to mate with newly-hatched queens from your nest. These bees are unable to sting and completely harmless. They will leave of their own accord over time, but this may take up to a week or more.

If bees are still entering and leaving the nest after 7 days, contact us to revisit free of charge. Please do not call within the first 7 days, we will give you the advice stated above.

In order to arrange a revisit after seven days please do not telephone us but use the contact form at Telephone callers will be directed to this URL.

HONEY BEES: Harrier Pest Prevention will always remove and rehome honey bees if possible.

If we have removed a honey bee swarm from your property, some stray bees may hover around the site of the swarm for a short while afterwards. These bees will disperse safely over time. The main swarm will be safely rehoused in one of our own hives, or donated to a local beekeeper.

If we have had to destroy a honey bee colony on your property, it is because there is no alternative. Depending on the length of time the bees have been in situ, it may become necessary to protect bees from other colonies from the pesticide used. Your PCO will advise you if the following procedure must be followed:

Where a colony which has made honey has been destroyed, the entrance hole used by the bees must be blocked completely 24 hours after treatment. This is a legal requirement.

Harrier Pest Prevention can revisit to do this, however we make a charge for the service. Many householders prefer to undertake to do this themselves, however we will require a signature from you to avoid prosecution if the work is not done and local bees are harmed.

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