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One feature of every summer which many people dread is the annual ant infestation, especially flying ants in the house.

Many unlucky people will have battled with ant problems in their homes for many years without success, in some cases we have known people actually sell up and move in in order to escape the ant invasion.

Spending pounds on ant powders and sprays just makes the house look untidy and does little to alleviate the problem.

Black Ant Queen

Black Ant Queen

In summer the exterior of many local house is a passable impression of a nativity scene with ant powder coating the walls and paths.

In recent years we have greatly increases our knowledge of ants and developed the tools to cure ant infestation much more successfully than we could in the past.

Traditionally ant infestation inside homes has been one of the most difficult pest control issues to deal with and in order to understand why it is necessary to know a little of the biology and habits of the ant.

Although there are many species of ant the one which overwhelmingly causes problems for us in the North West is the Black or Garden Ant (Lasius niger).

A black ant colony will normally consist of about 10,000 ants and a single queen. The ants which you see crawling around your home are worker ants, they are sterile and cannot lay eggs or start new nests.

In mid summer the colony starts its reproduction phase when it produces males and new queens.

These ants are winged because the black and mates by means of a nuptial flight. The larger of these ants are the queens which are typically two or three times bigger than the males.

This can happen at any time during spring and summer but typically the prime period is July and August. If we have a period of very warm and dry weather lasting several days all the colonies in an area will synchronise and release their flying ants at the same time.

This can often cause massive clouds of ants to appear, even forcing drivers to use their wipers to clear their windscreens of them.

It is when this flight occurs inside homes that the problems occur and many people reading this will be only to aware of this.

In nature the males and females mate and the females return to earth as mated queens.

They will now dig a tunnel into the ground in a safe dry location and begin to lay eggs. These eggs will take several weeks to hatch and in this period the new queen will not eat, she sheds her wings which are now no longer needed and sustains herself by digesting her now redundant wing muscles.

Once the first of the new ants are hatched then she becomes an egg-laying machine and she can go on producing eggs for up to fifteen years.

This is why the ant battles are seemingly interminable, as long as the queen has food she can replenish the colony no matter how many of her workers you kill with powders and sprays.

In order to destroy and ant colony you have to kill the queen, once that is achieved the colony is finished, however if the nest is under the house floor finding it is rarely possible.

Traditional ant powders and sprays simply kill worker ants as they come into contact and whilst they may bring about some temporary relief they are not getting to the heart of the matter.

Also in recent years the active ingredients in powders and sprays available to the general public have become so diluted that they have little effect.

There are also safety issues with using ant powders outdoors as other animals such as cats can become contaminated.

In recent years gels have been tried but these also have little effect as the active ingredients in them, usually boric acid or in more recent times pyrethrum have been too quick acting, killing the worker ants before they could return to the nest.

Treatments such as drilling into cavity walls and applying a powder to the cavity have been successful to a degree but they are slow acting and very expensive.

However we now have a solution to the problem in novel liquid gels which have become available in recent years.

These liquid gels mimic the ants’ natural process of passing food around the nest, especially honeydew which they obtain from aphids. This process is known as trophallaxis.

These new liquid gels contain insecticide which is lethal to ants in minute amounts thus making them entirely safe to apply, even outdoors although some protection from rain will be needed.

These gels are irresistible to the worker ants which then spread the poison throughout the nest and the colony is doomed.

There is a delayed action on the ants allowing for sufficient time to distribute the gel throughout the nest.

These gels are only available to professional pest controllers who will place small droplets along ant runs and wherever ants are seen foraging inside the home and possible outside as well if necessary.

This is entirely safe for children and pets and where deemed necessary the gel will be placed inside protective pots.

Ants will often be seen to be consuming the gel within seconds.

Typically ant activity will start to diminish in 2 – 4 days with complete colony elimination within 10 -14 days. Rarely is a second treatment necessary but is provided free of charge if needed.

Whilst these gels are designed to keep the inside of your home ant free, they can be used outdoors but naturally you are never going to eliminate every ant from your garden, the purpose it to eliminate them in the immediate vicinity of the house.

This treatment can be done at any time when ants are active but is best applied in early spring before the mating phase.

It is too late to apply it when winged ants appear as they do not eat and will not return to the nest, so in order to avoid this years’ plague of flying ants we are having a special spring offer.

Our normal prices for an average sized property are £95.00 for a treatment with a one year guarantee and £145.00 with a three year guarantee but for the month of April only we will give a four year guarantee for £150.

If your house is especially large (5 bedrooms or larger) please ring for a quote.

Please use our postcode checker to ensure we cover your area before calling.

We would ask you not to use any powders or sprays and if you have used powder to remove it before we arrive, in order for the gels to be effective the ants must return safely to the nest.

Don’t suffer with ants in your home this year, we can cure the problem.

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