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Harrier Pest Control deal with several species of bird and bird nuisance throughout our area of operation.

Accumulated Pigeon Droppings
Accumulated Pigeon Droppings

Care needs to be taken when dealing with bird nuisance as many species of bird which were formerly classed as pests now have a degree of protection in law even though they may cause problems.

Foremost amongst these are sparrows and starlings which are now protected to a degree in law and it is unlawful to harm them in any way, to damage their eggs, nests or chicks.


The only birds in Britain which may be legally harmed or have their nests or eggs destroyed with a valid reason for doing so are listed below.

Crow                                                   Corvus corone

Dove, Collared                                    Streptopelia decaocto

Gull, Lesser Black-backed                 Larus fuscus

Jackdaw                                             Corvus monedula

Jay                                                      Garrulus glandarius

Magpie                                                Pica pica

Pigeon, Feral                                       Columba livia

Rook                                                   Corvus frugilegus

Woodpigeon                                        Columba palumbus

Goose, Canada                                   Branta canadensis

Parakeet, Monk                                  Myiopsitta monachus

Gull, Herring                                        Larus argentatu

All other birds, even though they may be a considerable nuisance have a degree of protection and it is unlawful to harm them, or their eggs, nests and chicks in any way.

For this reason we strongly advise you to call in Harrier Pest Control before taking any action against birds as the penalties are high.

Professional bird control

The primary species we deal with are Pigeons whose fouling can be unsightly and unhygienic and when a  build up occurs inside a building there is a health risk to occupants and the droppings provide a breeding ground for a host of insect species.

The local regulations regarding removal of pigeon waste varies from authority to authority and each case must be thoroughly researched and planned.

Harrier Pest Control provide the following options for dealing with pest species birds as an where appropriate.

  • Netting: The fitting of nets to physically exclude birds from specific areas, the mesh size of the net targeted to the bird species in question.
  • Bird spike: A deterrent  which prevents birds from landing on ledges without harming them
  • Shooting: The physical removal of birds by shooting them.
  • Trapping: The physical removal of birds by trapping them.
  • Fire Gel:  Fire Gel has properties in it that birds see as Ultra Violet making it appear like fire. No bird will go near this product if installed correctly.
  • Proofing: The physical exclusion of birds by sealing entrance holes etc.
  • Bird Droppings Removal: The removal of accumulated bird waste.

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