Black Ant Infestations In Homes Cured Just £95 With A Three Year Guarantee

Ant Infestations

In Homes Cured

Just £95 With

A Three Year



Garden or black ant (Lasius niger) infestations in homes and buildings have always been one of the most difficult to solve problems in pest control.

Often the ants nest can be under the floor of the property itself making it impossible to get at using traditional powders or sprays. Many people will know the horror of a flying ant infestation when the winged or flying ants in their mating phase are released by the nest in their thousands.

Many people will have spent hundreds over the years buying ant powder which simply will not work as in order to destroy the colony it is necessary to kill the queen who otherwise can live and lay eggs for up to 15 years.

In the past pest controllers have tried all manner of cures with varying degrees of success but now finally we have an effective tool to do the job and until the end of March 2013 we will eradicate your ant problem inside your property for just £95 and we will give you a three year guarantee, average size properties only, if you live in a mansion we’ll talk.

We are able to offer this fantastic value due to some new products which have been made available to us in the last 12 months an which proved immensely successful last summer, in the form of liquid gels.

In the past we have tried gel baits with back ants with a very poor success rate. Basically the active ingredients in the gels, usually boric acid or pyrethrum killed the worker ants too quickly before they could spread the gel around the nests.

The new gel baits which we have are based on an active ingredient which has no effect on the ants at all for 48 – 72 hours so by the time the ants feel the effects of the insecticide it has already been past around the colony which will then die out over a period of 10 – 14 days.

The gel is highly palatable to the ants and they return to the nest or colony and feed it to the larvae and most importantly the queen. Once the queen is dead the colony is finished.

What you get for £95.

We will treat your home placing the gel baits where ants are normally seen running and normally within 14 days the colony will be dead. If we have to revisit your property to retreat the infestation this will be free of charge and we will guarantee the work for 3 years.

This guarantee applies to ants INSIDE the house only, not ants outside or ants inside cavity walls emerging outwards.

For £95 we will treat an average sized house, not Buckingham Palace so if you live in a larger property expect to pay a little more.

This is a half price offer until 31/3/2103 and extends to our geographical area of operation only.


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