Buckshaw Village Wasp Nests Removal £49.50

Buckshaw Village Wasp Nests

Wasp Nests Removal £49.50

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Wasp Nests, Bees, Hornets

Buckshaw Village Wasp Nest Control are a local Pest Control company covering the Buckshaw Village area and surrounding towns including Chorley, Euxton, Clayton-le-Woods, Whittle, Leyland and Clayton Brook.

Buckshaw Village Wasp Nest
Buckshaw Village Wasp Nest

Whichever infestation troubles you whether it be a wasp nest, bees or hornets we can cope with the problem for you, promptly, inconspicuously and at a fee which is not going to break the bank.

If you have a Wasp nest in Buckshaw Village we have a flat fee of just £49.50 and we deal with Wasp nests seven days per week, including Bank Holidays.

We have a flat fee for wasps of £49.50 and we charge £59.50 for bees as they are a little more complicated.

We are NPTA members and CRB checked.

As we are based in Chorley we can usually provide a same day service, either as a first job going out in a morning or the last job on the way home in the evening.

Please note that our operatives do not carry ladders and are not allowed to use ladders other than short step-ladders. We use telescopic extension lances which gives us a reach of around 10 meters (33 feet) which is more than adequate for most domestic properties.

If the entrance to the nest is above gutter height and not visible from the ground please inform us when you phone. For nests high on rooftops, in roof valleys etc it may be necessary to send a two man climbing team at increased cost. This satisfies our obligations under Working at Heights regulations and is safer for you and our operatives.

Seasonal Update As Of 26th June 2022.

Seasonal Update About Wasps

The Tree Bumblebee – New To Buckshaw Village

In the Buckshaw Village area we now have a new and very belligerent bumble bee, the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum).

The Tree Bumblebee - Tree Bee - White-Tailed bumblebee - Bird Box Bee - Russian Bee
The Tree Bumblebee

Even though we attempt not to destroy bees, this variety is hazardous when nesting low down in a garden or on the body of your house.

We do not usually like to destroy bees however this bee is risky when nesting in the area of persons, especially youngsters and pets. It is an very easy bee to distinguish with its orange thorax and white tail and if you believe that you might have got a nest of these bees we recommend calling us as soon as possible. In the interim keep away as this bee can and will sting. If you are unsure about identification then please visit our Wasps and bees site.

If you are calling regarding a Wasps’ nest in Buckshaw Village between April – July please visit our Seasonal Chart Page to ensure that you actually do have a wasps’ nest, not harmless solitary bees. This may save you a callout charge.

Buckshaw Village Pest Identification

Many infestations are mis-identified by customers, if you have any uncertainty about the insect you are seeing, take a high-quality digital picture of it and email it to us. or send it to us using the WhatsApp button at the bottom left of this page. We will identify it for you completely free. Please be certain to put your contact number on the email so that we can telephone you without delay to talk about your solutions.

The menus of the various infestations will all show you pictures but please feel free to phone us if you are unsure, we do not charge for telephone advice.

We at Buckshaw Village Pest Control believe in the responsible use of pesticides and will only make use of them when absolutely essential, specially out-of-doors, and they will always be the most relevant ones for the work.

Buckshaw Village Pest Control will always notify you if any actions need to be undertaken to ensure the safety of all people concerned and we will always get the job done within the confines of regulations in effect at the time.

Most common infestations

Buckshaw Village Wasps Nest
We don’t usually need ladders

Wasp Nests

Our rate for the treatment of wasp nests is preset at £49.50 and we will never ask you for extra unless access equipment such as scaffolding or a cherry-picker is necessary to get to the nest.

Please note that working at height legislation is very restrictive these days so please advise us if the nest is any taller than the gutters of a typical household home.

The only exception is in the case of a late season wasp nest, and this may require additional work to make things safe and secure for you. Please click the link for broad details.

On the majority of occasions we won’t even need to climb ladders as we use very long extension lances which are less hazardous for our operatives, your self and your household.

Also, and more importantly do NOT attempt to close or block the nest entrance with mastic or mortar etc., you’ll drive the Wasps into the house and when we arrive we need the entrance to be open so as to perform the treatment.

If you call us out to a nest where you have sealed the entrance we will charge you extra for the additional time it takes us to deal with the nest.

On occasions when an entrance has been sealed or where you have attempted to deal with the nest yourself we reserve the right to charge you a call out fee without carrying out the treatment or to attempt the work with no guarantee given.

What We Do

Our contractor will arrive by scheduled appointment, inject a small amount of powder insecticide into the entry to the wasps’ nest and the returning wasps will bring it into the heart of the nest and within an hour all of the wasps will be dead.

Destroying A Buckshaw Village Wasps Nest
Destroying A Wasps Nest

As long as we can access the wasps’ nest from the exterior of the building you do not even have to wait in. If we can get to the nest without going through the house we can take a card payment over the phone and deal with the nest without you having to wait in.

If you know of any difficulties which you are aware about which could hinder the treatment such as the presence of bats then you should inform us of that over the telephone.

How To Remove A Wasp Nest

1) Make sure that they are wasps and not bees, lots of people confuse them.
2) Keep well away from the nest.
3) Do not block the entrance hole, you will make the job a lot worse and possibly fill your house with Wasps.
4) Do not leave the nest to live into September, the queens are produced then.
5) Call Chorley Pest Control on 01257 230637 for a professional treatment at just £49.50.
6) Keep pets and children well away.
7) Close any windows near the nest and advise the neighbours to do the same.


People who have got an ant problem inside their properties will know just how horrific it can be, specifically when the flying ants emerge.

However, we are nowadays substantially better prepared to deal with ants than we were even a couple of years ago. We can now with confidence offer a one year warranty on ant jobs in the majority of cases.

The procedure is absolutely safe for young children and pets.

Why throw away cash and struggle for years with powders and remedies which fail to work when we can cure the problem and give you a year long warranty.


Fleas infestations are on the increase again, even with people who routinely treat their cats and dogs.

This seems to be mainly because populations of cat fleas and dog fleas in the Buckshaw Village Pest Control area of operation are starting to be resistant to the active ingredients in the flea control products readily available to the general public.

We are finding that dog fleas and cat fleas are especially troublesome in places with town foxes.

It is essential to deal with a cat flea or a dog flea problem as they can lead to significant problems, especially for youngsters as they can carry and transmit tapeworms.


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