Improvements In Ant Control Methods Can Mean Ant Free Homes.

Ants In The House Cured With a 3 Year Guarantee

Ant Infestations Can Be Cured

Traditionally ant infestations inside houses have been one of the most difficult problems in pest control. In many cases the ant nest can be under the floor of the house itself or even inside cavity walls making it virtually impossible to find.

An ant infestation inside a home can be an absolute nightmare for home owners as the worker ants forage around rooms, especially kitchens where they will be found inside cupboards and even around fridge and freezer seals. The ants become especially troublesome during their annual mating phase when they produce winged males and females which disgorge from the nest into  rooms.

A worker ant can live for several years and a queen for up to fifteen so once a nest is established inside a property it can be a long running battle which can only ever be won by killing the queen. Historically pest controllers have used sprays and powders and whilst they are effective on foraging workers they do not penetrate inside the nest and the queen will quickly replenish the nest with new workers.

One technique which was used with some success was to drill into cavity walls and blow an insecticidal powder inside the cavity thus putting a barrier around the property. The draw back of this technique was that not all properties were suitable and it is an expensive procedure.

In recent years gels have been available but again these only enjoyed limited success. The active ingredient in these gels was often boric acid or pyrethrum both of which seemed to kill the foraging workers too quickly before they could distribute the poison throughout the nest.

Now however we have a second generation wave of liquid gels which are far more effective than anything we have used in the past. These gels, which are highly palatable to ants, are slow acting and allow the ants natural food sharing to contaminate the whole nest and over a period of 10 – 14 days the nest will completely die out. These gels are perfectly safe for children and pets and can be used outdoors, although some protection from rain will be necessary.

The treatment can be used at any time when ants are actively foraging but is best carried out in spring if the summer ‘flying ant’ phase is to be avoided.

We are currently offering a treatment with a one year guarantee for just £95 or for April only, a treatment with a three year guarantee for £145. Prices apply to average sized houses only, for larger properties please call for a price. Our guarantee means that if ants return we will call out and repeat the treatment free of charge. Don’t suffer ants in your home this spring and summer, we can cure the problem for you. Please use the postcode checker in the right sidebar to confirm that we cover your area before calling.    

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Improvements In Ant Control Methods Can Mean Ant Free Homes.
Harrier Pest Prevention Improvements In Ant Control Methods Can Mean Ant Free Homes, modern products mean that indoor ant infestations can now be cured from as little as £95.
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