Monthly Chart of Wasps and Bees In The North West

Before calling us out, especially in the spring and early summer please consult the chart below if you suspect that you may have a Wasp or a bees’ nest.  Please note that in the North West it is rare indeed to see a Wasp before June at the very earliest and anything that you see in April or May will almost certainly be bees of some description.

In April and May it is common to see harmless solitary bees investigating small holes in masonry, window frames and air-bricks etc.  Superficially they do look a little like Wasps. These are completely harmless, stingless bees which do not build nests like Wasps or honeybees. They can do you no harm whatsoever and will disappear of their own accord in due course.

It is neither possible nor desirable to destroy these bees and if we are called out to solitary bees there is nothing we can do and you will have a callout fee to pay.

Consulting the chart below and visiting our Wasps and bees identification page may help you to avoid this.

Insect and months in which they are troublesome.

Monthly chart of Wasps and bees in the North West


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