The Cost Of Destroying A Wasps’ Nest In 2017

Wasps’ Nest Charges in The North West In 2017

Don’t pay high prices to deal with your wasp problem this summer

Compare the costs of destroying a wasps nest in 2017

Wasps’ Nest

The summer of 2017 will soon be upon us and with the summer comes wasps’ nests.

Wasps’ nests are sometimes discovered accidentally and often painfully. Every year we hear tales of woe from people who discover a wasps’ nests the hard way when painting gutters or trimming hedges.

It is understandable that many people are not minded to shop around for the best deal on destroying a wasps’ nest, especially if they are nursing painful stings, however there is a considerable range of prices being charged by commercial companies and local authorities and it is possible to pay substantially more than necessary, being ‘stung’ in an altogether different way.

Firstly be aware of agencies who are not themselves pest controllers but who merely wasps’ nest work, taking a cut for themselves. Often if you use these agencies you will get a visit from the same local pest controller who you could have contacted directly at a substantially lower rate. You will often see these agencies advertising at the top of the search engine pages. To be sure always ask the company “Are you actually a pest control company, or just an agency” and you will avoid paying their mark-up.

We ourselves are often ask to work for these agencies but we refuse to do so because we feel it is unethical to arrive in a van clearly displaying our charge of £45.00 when we know that the client has been charged substantially more.

We are also aware that some companies attempt to increase the fee when they arrive on site, claiming that the nest is a particularly difficult one or larger than normal.

Last year we spoke to one lady who had paid more than £200 to have a wasps’ nest destroyed and it was in an air-brick less than a foot from the ground.

When calling any company please do confirm if there are extras or hidden charges.

Many people, when confronted by a wasps’ nest will automatically contact the local council pest control department and whilst this does have the advantage that you can be assured they are genuine and fully insured it does not necessarily provide the best value for money and they can be somewhat limited as to availability, being pretty much 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.

We at Harrier Pest Prevention have a fixed fee of just £45.00 to deal with wasps’ nests. A second nest on the same property will be destroyed free of charge and a third and any subsequent nests will be £10 each, if dealt with on the same visit.

Our policy is to take the rough with the smooth as a wasps’ nest can normally be dealt with in under ten minutes, but if it is a tricky one and takes us an hour then it is still £45.00.

Please note that like all other pest control companies and local authorities we do not physically remove the dead nest, this will cause you no problems and remains in-situ to crumble away over time. Nests are used for one year only and every nest starts afresh each year, old nests are never re-used.

Many companies and authorities charge on a per-nest basis and if you have five or six nests on a single property it can work out very expensive indeed.

We have compiled for you a list of charges for dealing with wasps’ nests by the local authorities (City & Borough Councils)  in the areas where we operate for you to compare the possible savings.

Most councils require prepayment by credit or debit card and only operate 9 – 5 Monday to Friday, we accept payment on site after the work is done although you may prepay if it suits you better.

We operate seven days per week including bank holidays.

Most councils will not deal with bees. We recognise that sometimes it is necessary to destroy bees, especially the new Tree Bumblebee which is an aggressive new arrival to our area.

Where honeybees are concerned destruction of a colony will always be a last resort.

Our fees for dealing with bees are £55.00 for any type of bee unless scaffolding is required.

These prices were taken from the councils’ own websites and are correct as at 15th March 2017, with the exception of Oldham Borough Council whose website was inaccessible.

Please double check as prices may change. If you are in receipt of state benefit of any kind please contact your local authority first as many offer discounts for benefit recipients.

Name                                             First Nest                 Second Nest

Harrier Pest Prevention                 £45.00                            FREE

Wirral Borough Council                   £67
Liverpool City Council                     £62                             £30
Trafford Borough Council                £58/£79*                               *Above/below gutter
Cheshire East                                    No Service Provided
Warrington Borough Council           £78.67                    £39.34
Halton Borough Council                   £49.94
Cheshire West                                   £60
Sefton Borough Council                   No Service Provided
West Lancashire County Council      £41.21                        £12
St Helens Borough Council               £43
Wigan Borough Council                     £51.23
Chorley Borough Council                  £41
Preston Borough Council                No Service Provided
Blackburn with Darwen                    £48
Bolton  Borough Council                   £56
Rossendale Borough Council            £48.50
Bury Borough Council                      £58
Oldham Borough Council                 £50.40*                        £12*  *2015 Fee
Rochdale Borough Council                £56.30
Manchester City Council                   £55
Stockport City Council                       £44.20                         £10
South Ribble Council                          £40

Salford City Council                            £44

These prices are for domestic premises only, in most cases charges for commercial premises are higher.

Some councils charge extra if they fail to destroy the nest on the first visit. Some councils will not deal with nests which are above a certain height.

To give a broad comparison on prices if you have two nests on your home in Liverpool you would pay £92 whereas Harrier Pest Prevention would charge you only £45.00, a saving of £57!

All our work is guaranteed and if we fail to destroy the nest on the first visit we will return free of charge if reported within 21 days.

Please note that after mid-September complications arise because of the production of new wasp queens. In some circumstances it may be advisable to carry out additional work after this date. Please visit our Late Season Wasps Page for an explanation.


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Compare the cost of destroying a wasps nest in 2017
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Harrier Pest Prevention are dealing with wasps' nests at a charge of £45.00 in the summer of 2017. Compare that to your local council.

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