The Cost Of Removing a Wasp Nest In Bolton in 2022

The Cost Of Removing a Wasp Nest

In Bolton in 2022

Bolton Wasp Nests Destroyed £49.50

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Bolton Wasp Nest
Bolton Wasp Nest

Bolton Pest Control are destroying Wasp nests on the Bolton and surrounding areas for a fixed fee of just £49.50 during the summer of 2022. At the time of writing Bolton Borough Council are quoting a price of £65 so our price is a considerable saving, and we work weekends and bank holidays at no extra charge.

We cover Bolton, Kearsley, Farnworth, Little Lever, Bury, Atherton, Harwood and the whole of the Bolton area..

We are CRB checked and a certificate is available to view on site, just ask the technician.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many councils ceased to provide Wasp nests and pest control services resulting in many private companies increasing prices to unreasonable levels, we have heard of one company charging over £300 plus VAT and trust me, they can’t make the nest any more dead than Bolton Pest Control can.

Our operative will come along at a prearranged time slot and deal with the Wasp nest by injecting a small amount of insecticide into the entrance hole. The Wasps will get very angry for a short period of time so best to avoid the area for a couple of hours after which all the Wasps will be dead.

Like every other pest control company we do not physically remove the nest, which is both unnecessary and undesirable as the nest needs to be left in-situ for the returning Wasps to enter. Even if the nest is accessible we recommend that you leave it in place to crumble away naturally, it’s only paper and it will never be used again. A Wasp nest is only used once, even if it is not treated.

Please do not attempt to deal with the nest yourself. If you seal the entrance hole with mastic or expanding foam you will just make the Wasps very angry and make it impossible for us to do the job. You also risk filling your home with Wasps and the Wasps trapped inside the nest will look for other ways out.

For more information about Wasps and Wasp nests in Bolton please visit our dedicated Bolton Page or our dedicated Wasps site The Waspman.


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