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Wasp Nests Removal £49.50

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 Wasp Nests, Hornet Nests, Bees

Warrington Wasp Nest Pest Control are a local Pest Control supplier offering their service all across the Warrington area and north Cheshire generally. If you have a troublesome wasps’ nest, bees or hornets we can cope with the problem for you, swiftly, discreetly and at a fee which is not going to break your budget.

If you have a wasp nest we will deal with it for you for a set price of

Warrington Wasp Nest
Warrington Wasp Nest

£49.50, no need to ask the price, it’s set at £49.50, no extras as long as we don’t need specialist access equipment such as a cherry-picker. At the time of writing Warrington Borough Council are charging £67.50 to deal with a wasp nest so our fixed fee of £49.50 represents a valuable saving. Prices taken from Warrington Borough Council website on 15/Feb/2022.

We charge £49.50 to deal with wasps and £59.50 to deal with bees as they are rather more complicated.

We are fully insured, members of the NPTA and CRB checked.

Despite being largely an urban area we always deal with lots of wasp nest calls in the Warrington area every year. There a many trees and green areas which provide the wasps with a feeding ground to collect the aphids and other insects that their larvae feed on.

Working at Heights

Please note that our operatives do not carry ladders and are not allowed to use ladders other than short step-ladders. We use telescopic extension lances which gives us a reach of around 10 meters (33 feet) which is more than adequate for most domestic properties. If the entrance to the nest is above gutter height and not visible from the ground please inform us when you phone. For nests high on rooftops, in roof valleys etc it may be necessary to send a two man climbing team at increased cost. This satisfies our obligations under Working at Heights regulations and is safer for you and our operatives.

Seasonal Update As Of 16th June 2022.

Seasonal Update About Wasps

The Tree Bumblebee

The Tree Bumblebee - Tree Bee - White-Tailed bumblebee - Bird Box Bee - Russian Bee
The Tree Bumblebee

In the Warrington area we now have got a fresh and rather belligerent bumble bee, the Tree Bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum). Although we seek not to cause harm to bees, this type is unsafe when nesting low down in your garden or on the body of your house. We do not ordinarily really like to get rid of bees but this bee is dangerous when nested in the proximity of persons, in particular children and pets.

It is an very easy bee to distinguish with its orange thorax and white backside and if you suspect that you might have got a nest of these bees we recommend phoning us right away. You shouldn’t get too close! For help with recognizing this species go to our Wasps and bees site.

If you are calling regarding a wasps’ nest in the Warrington area between April – July please visit our Seasonal Chart Page to ensure that you actually do have a wasps’ nest, not harmless solitary bees. This may save you a callout charge.

Pest Identification

You would be astonished how commonly people get the identification of a pest completely incorrect, bees being taken wrongly for Wasps is a very common problem. If you are not positive what an insect if please take a high-quality digital picture and email it to us or send it via the WhatsApp button below.
We will inform you of what it is and what measures need to be undertaken, if any. Please do not forget to put your contact number in the email so we can contact you.

We operate all over the majority of the area but there are a couple of more remote places that we cannot deal with so please use the postcode area checker on this website prior to calling us.

Warrington Pest Control apply only pesticides permitted under existing guidelines and will always apply the least hazardous services and products available, related to the job.

Warrington Pest Control will always advise you if any measures need to be carried out to ensure the protection of all people concerned and we will always operate within the constraints of legislation in force at the time.

Most common unwanted pests

Destroying a Warrington Wasps Nest
We don’t usually need ladders


Our fee for dealing with wasp nests is fixed at £49.50 and we will definitely not ask you for extra unless access equipment such as scaffolding or a cherry-picker is required to get to the nest. Please note that operating at height laws are very stringent these days so please tell us if the nest is any higher than the gutters of a normal domestic home.

However, once we get much beyond mid-September we are dealing with what we call a late season Wasp nest, and this may need added work to make things good for you. Please click the link for extensive details.

Also, and more importantly DO NOT attempt to close or block the nest entrance with mastic or mortar etc., you’ll drive the Wasps into the house and when we arrive we need the entrance to be open so as to perform the treatment.

If you call us out to a nest where you have sealed the entrance we will charge you extra for the additional time it takes us to deal with the nest. On occasions when an entrance has been sealed or where you have attempted to deal with the nest yourself we reserve the right to charge you a call out fee without carrying out the treatment or to attempt the work with no guarantee given.

On almost all occasions we won’t even have to use ladders as we use very long extension poles which are less dangerous for our agents, your self and your property.

What we do

You will be given the earliest practicable appointment, in many cases same-day and our technician will get rid of the wasp nest by injecting a tiny quantity of wasp killer powder into the hole where the wasps are coming and going. The wasps will transport this pesticide into the nest on their bodies and the entire colony will be dead inside of the hour.

Destroying A Warrington Wasps Nest
Destroying A Wasps Nest

As long as we can access the asps’ nest from the exterior of the building you do not even have to wait in. If we can get to the nest without going through the house we can take a card payment over the phone and deal with the nest without you having to wait in.

Also remember don’t forget to unlock any gates etc that we might need to go through and move any dustbins etc which might be obstructing our path.

If there are any issues which may be pertinent such as the presence of bats etc then please don’t wait until we arrive on site to tell us about them, we will not carry out a treatment if it’s hazardous but we will charge you a call-out fee.

How To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

1) Make sure that they are wasps and not bees, lots of people confuse them.
2) Keep well away from the nest.
3) Do not block the entrance hole, you will make the job a lot worse and possibly fill your house with wasps.
4) Do not leave the nest to live into September, the queens are produced then.
5) Call Warrington Pest Control on 01925 670375 for a professional treatment at just £49.50.
6) Keep pets and children well away.
7) Close any windows near the nest and advise the neighbours to do the same


People who have got an ant problem on the inside of their properties will know just how horrific it can be, particularly when the flying ants emerge.

However, we are nowadays considerably better prepared to tackle ants than we were even a couple of years ago. We can now with full confidence offer a one year warranty on ant jobs in nearly all cases.

The procedure is very straightforward, leaves no mess and is safe for everyone involved.

Don’t spend pounds on ant powders and ant gels when we can cure your indoors ant infestation at a reasonable price and offer you a 1 year guarantee in the bargain.


Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas are becoming more troublesome in the Warrington Pest Control area and we are getting an increasing number of requests from people who routinely treat their dogs and cats and nevertheless are still getting flea infestations in their houses.

This may perhaps be that populations of cat fleas and dog fleas are getting to be resistant to the active ingredients in the flea treatments available to the public.

We are discovering that dog fleas and cat fleas are extremely troublesome in places with town foxes.

It is vital to take care of a cat flea or a dog flea problem as they can bring about serious problems, especially for youngsters as they can carry and transmit tapeworms.



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